CIVE121 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Utilitarian Cake-Cutting, Standard Deviation, Euclidean Vector

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Published on 27 Feb 2018
14. Vector functions
a. sum(a) finds sum of vector a
b. mean(a) finds average of vector a
c. std(a) finds standard deviation of vector a
d. length(a) finds length of vector a
e. min(a) finds minimum value in vector
f. max(a) finds maximum value in vector a
g. sort(a, ‘ascend or descend’) sorts vector a in ascending or descending order and
default is ascending order
h. *any of these operations on a matrix only does it for the column vectors of that
i. *if two inputs for max or min ([max, index]=max(a)), also gives index of max or
min value, if multiple max or min gives index of first one
j. *if two inputs for sort ([sorted_a, index]=sort(a))then outputs sorted vector as
well the original index in sorted positions
15. String functions
a. strrep(a, ‘b’, ‘c’) searches string a to replace b with c *is case sensitive
b. upper(a) makes string a all upper case
c. lower(a) makes string a all lower case
d. str2num(a) converts a string number a to the number
e. num2str(a) converts double a to a string
f. findstr(‘a’,b) finds index of first letter in string a inside string b
g. char(a,b) vertically concatenates strings a and b filling in spaces with empty space
16. Arrays
a. [a,b;c,d] makes array with a and b in first row and c and d in second row
b. a(b,c)=d creates array named a with value d at bth row and cth col with other
values as 0
c. a(b:c,d:e)=array creates array named a putting values from array into b to cth row
and d to eth col provided dimensions match, or if array=one number then all values in that range
is that number
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