CIVE121 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Delimiter, Row And Column Vectors, Trapezoidal Rule

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Published on 27 Feb 2018
20. Linear algebra problems
a. inv(a) inverses matrix a
b. dot(a,b) dot products vectors a and b
c. norm(a) finds the magnitude of vector a
d. det(a) finds determinate of matrix a
e. A\b solves the augmented matrix
and outputs column vector
21. Plotting
a. plot(xvector, yvector, format string) x and y vectors must be same size
b. axis([xlowerlim, xupperlim, ylowerlim, yupperlim]) or xlim and ylim, axis
equal, x/ylabel(‘string’) and title(‘string’)
c. \bf bolds and \it italics, _{subscript} and *{superscript}, grid on
d. hold on/off stops matlab from erasing previous plots
e. ‘markerfacecolor’, ‘color’, ‘markeredgecolor’, ‘color’, and ‘markersize’,
‘size’ modifies properties of markers
f. figure(#) to plot to different windows
g. subplot(rows, columns, zone) plots row by column # of plots and zone(index)
where indexes are row by row
h. loglog() produces graph where both axes are logarithmic
i. semilogx/y() products graph where only x or y axis is logarithmic
22. Symbolic math
a. syms x y declares x and y as symbolic variables, then we can create symbolic
functions with the normal (), +, -, *, /, and ^ commands
b. expand(f) expands the symbolic expression f
c. factor(f) factors the symbolic expression f
d. simplify(f) simplifies the symbolic expression f
e. pretty(f) makes the symbolic expression look good
f. ezplot(f, [min, max]) plots the symbolic expression f in the specified range
*functions for plot works with ezplot
g. ezplot(x, y, [min, max]) plots the parametric equations x and y
h. solve(f==0, x) solves the symbolic equation f for the variable x for where f == 0
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find more resources at
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