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CivE 127 - MIDTERM_samples.pdf

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Civil Engineering
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CIVE 204
Wei Chau Xie

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CivE 127 Statics and Solid Mechanics 1 Midterm Exam Professor WeiChau Xie 8:30 am 10:30 am, Thursday, February 28, 2013 QNC1502 (AK, N, P), MC4040 (L, M, O, R), MC4060 (SZ) 1. Closed book. One page (8 11, one sided) of formula sheet is allowed. Drawing tools are allowed and encouraged. Nonprogrammable calculators are allowed. 2. There are three questions on the exam paper. Materials covered 2D force systems 2D equilibrium Structures: trusses and frames 3. There is one bonus question, which is added on top of the total marks. 4. Please refer to previous midterm exam papers as samples. UniversityofWaterloo DepartmentofCivilEngineering EnvE127:StaticsandSolidMechanics1 MidtermExamination Date:7:00pm9:00pm,Monday,June7,2004ClosedBook Instructor:ProfessorWeiChauXieSpring2004 ImportantNotes: Onepage(lettersize,onesided)offormulasheetisallowed.Calculatorsareallowed. Answerallthreequestions.Ifyouhavetime,trythebonusproblem,whichisaddedontop ofyourtotalmarks. 1.(10Marks)AcurvedslenderbarABofsemicircularshapeispinsupportedatAandbarBCDispin supportedatC.BarABandbarBCDareconnectedatBbypin.TheweightsofbarsABandBCDare neglected. (1)DrawthecompletefreebodydiagramsofbarABandbarBCD. (2)DeterminethereactionatsupportC. (3)DeterminetheresultantforceactingonbarBCDatB. 2.(10Marks)Forthetrussshown,determinetheforcesinmembersDE,DJ,EM,andJK.
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