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CivE 127 - MIDTERM_samples.pdf

Civil Engineering
Course Code
Wei Chau Xie
Study Guide

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CivE 127 Statics and Solid Mechanics 1
Midterm Exam
Professor Wei-Chau Xie
8:30 am – 10:30 am, Thursday, February 28, 2013
QNC-1502 (A-K, N, P), MC-4040 (L, M, O, R), MC-4060 (S-Z)
1. Closed book.
One page (8 ½” × 11”, one sided) of formula sheet is allowed.
Drawing tools are allowed and encouraged.
Non-programmable calculators are allowed.
2. There are three questions on the exam paper. Materials covered
2D force systems
2D equilibrium
Structures: trusses and frames
3. There is one bonus question, which is added on top of the total marks.
4. Please refer to previous midterm exam papers as samples.
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