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CLAS100 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Veii, Twine, Fasces

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Classical Studies
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Riemer Faber
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September 28, 2015
The Etruscans: Reputation and Reality
Ancient Etruria, occupied Italy
Several tribes occupied Italy before the Romans consolidated them
Religion took a lot from Greek culture
Development of Etruscan Civilization:
Highpoint in the 7th/6th centuries BC
traded with Greeks and Phoenicians
Controlled Rome until 508 BC
After 500 BC BC rollback in Etruscan power
Romans destroyed an important city Veii 396 BC
Rome absorbed Etruscan cities by second century
Etruscan through a Greco-Roman Lens:
Tyrrhenoi(Greek)/Etrusci(Roman) - Rasna(by themselves)
Source Problems:
When the Greeks referred to the Tyrrhenoi, noone was sure if
they talked about the Etruscans or people who lived in that area
Theopompos on Etruscan Customs:
They lived a very lavish lifestyle
They shared their women and wives
Low standard of morality, especially among women
Wealthy Etruscan Society:
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