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CLAS100 Midterm: Notes on Lecture 8

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Fall 2015

Classical Studies
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Riemer Faber
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September 30, 2015
Preview: Roman Constitutions
The Monarchy: 753- c. 500 BC
The expulsion of Etruscan royal dynasty
The Republic: c.500 - 30 BC
there was a peoples assemblies and senates
more elitist than the greeks
The Empire: 30 BC - 476 AD
Republican Society as the Agent of Its Own Destruction:
The Romans hated the idea of having a king
In Roman Society competition for status, power and glory was con-
sidered a positive trait
Patrons vs. Clients
Patron is a wealthy older man with status
Young up and comer would be considered a client
In 146 BC Greece becomes a Roman Colony
The Dual meaning of the term ”Roman Empire”
Empire could refer to all of Rome’s holdings
or it could refer to a constitutional term, a period of time where
Rome was ruled by emperors
Augustus was the first emperor
The Roman Empire was vast constitutionally
Citizen Inequities

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CLAS100 LECTURE8 September30,2015 Preview:RomanConstitutions TheMonarchy:753c.500BC TheexpulsionofEtruscanroyaldynasty TheRepublic:c.50030BC therewasapeoplesassembliesandsenates moreelitistthanthegreeks TheEmpire:30BC476AD RepublicanSocietyastheAgentofItsOwnDestruction: TheRomanshatedtheideaofhavingaking InRomanSocietycompetitionforstatus,powerandglorywascon sideredap
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