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Chapter 19 : The Trojan Saga and the Iliad
Zeus disguised himself as a swan and had sex with Leda , they had 4 children ; Helen,
Clytemestra, Polydeuces and Castor
Polydeuces ( good boxer) and Castor ( tamer of horses) were know as the Dioscuri ( sons of
Zeus) , they were the patron saints of sailors , and lived eternally in Hades
Helen married Menelaus who became the king of Sparta, they had a daughter Hermoine ,
Paris (Alexander) seduced Helen and brought her to Troy , in order to rescue her an expedition
was put forth and lead by Agamenon ( Melanus’ brother)
Paris was exposed as a baby by his mother Hecuba because she dreamed that her baby would
be the destruction of Troy, he was brought up by a shepard,
attended the wedding of Peleus and Thetis and when Eris and uninvited goddess put an apple
on the table with the inscription to the most beautiful , Hera , Athena and Aphrodite all wanted
it but Zeus said Paris was to judge who would get the apple , Hera offered him royal power,
Athena offered him victory in war, and Aphrodite offered him Helen , he chose Aphrodite and
the pretense of the Trojan war were set in place
Leaders of Troy
Electra had two sons with Zeus , Iasion and Dardanus , when Iasion died , Dardanus marries the
king of Troy’s daughter , he calls Troy Dardania
Apollo and Poseidon built the walls of Troy for king Laomedon , but he didn’t pay them , so
Apollo and Poseidon sent a plague over Troy , that could only be stopped if Laomedon’s
daughter Hesoine was exposed, Heracles promised to save her if he got the immortal horses in
exchange , Laomedon didn’t pay up so Heracles got mad and captured Troy and gave Hesoine to
his friend Telemon , together they had a son named Teucer ( king later on) , Podarces son of
Laomedon was the king ( also named Priam )
Priam and Hecuba had 50 sons and 50 daughters, Paris and Hector are the most important sons
Paris loved a healing nymph Oenone ,but he left her for Helen , also shot the arrow that killed
Hector was a great warrior only better one was Achilles , his wife was Adromache , and child was
Helenus another one of Priam’s sons had the gift of prophecy, because snakes licked his ears ,
was the only son to survive , he married Adromache after Hector died
Cassandra was Priam’s daughter, loved by Apollo , given gift of prophecy , she foretold the fall of
troy and the Trojan horse, she was killed by Clytemenstra
Aenas son of Anchises and Aphrodite , descendants will be the future rulers of Troy , saved by
Poseidon during the war
Anchaean Leaders
Diomedes king of Argos , he stole the Pallas with Odysseus , was Athena’s favorite
Ajax the greater son of Telamon , he is second to Achilles as a warrior , he asked Zeus to let him
die in clear sunlight
Ajax the lessor , son of Oileus , raped Cassandra
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Idomeneus came as a voluntary ally, represented the Cretes
Odysseus ( Ithaca) pretended to be mad so he didn’t have to go to war, they convinced him to go
by putting his son Telemachus (palamedes did this) in front of the plow Odysseus was driving
Achilles attempted to avoid war , he is the son of Peleus and Thetis ( sea goddess)
Peleus is a mortal , was not tempted by Acastus wife so because of his virtue , he was given Thetis
, she tried to make her son Achilles immortal by dipping him in the river Styx, only part of his body
left vulnerable were his heels , Thetis was a shape changer and ran away from Peleus , Achilles
learned from Chiron ( art and music) , she knew her son would die so she dressed him up as a girl
and took him to Scyros , brought of with the daughters of the king of the island , he fell in love
with one of the daughters ( Deidamia, had a son named Neoptolemus)
Odysseus and Diomedes figured out that Achilles was not a girl since he was interested in armor
and not scared off by the war horn
Phoenix and Patroclus : Achilles best friends, Patrolucus could be his lover, Phoneix slept with his
dad’s mistress and his dad got mad and made him sterile ,
Artemis was mad at agamenon so before they could set sail a prophet (calchas) said the only way
the winds would change , would be if Agamenon sacrificed his daughter Iphiginia
Agamenon had told his daughter that she was to be married to Achilles but this was a lie , the
Greeks would fight the war for 9 years until the tenth year where they would secure victory (
similar to prophecy of snakes and chicks said by Calphas)
Philoctes was bit by a scake and abandoned on Lemmos because he smelled, eventually they came
to get him and he shot Paris with heracle’s arrow
Achilles wanted to kill Hector because hector killed petrocolus ( gay lover of Achilles) , Athena
helped Achilles kills hector , and lets priam take hector’s body ( Apollo heals the body every day)
Achilles killed the amazons , he fell in love with the leader Penthesilea ( who he grieved over), he
also killed the Ethiopians ,
Achilles killed Paris , with the help of Apollo
Helenus the son of Priam was captured by the Greeks and he said they needed Philoctetes ( to kill
Paris )and Neoptlemus (to kill Priam ) to win the war
Sinon pretended to be betrayed but was just part of the plan to bring the horse in , if you had the
horse then you would be protected by Athena
Chapter 20: The Returns
Nostoi = the returns , Athena was mad at what happned in troy she created a storm and
wrecked a ship , Ajax the lesser gloated that he swam to the rock and survived but
Poseion struck him down
Agamenon made it home but was killed by his wife Clytmenstra also killed Cassandra,
helped by Aegisthius
Helen escapes and is killed by electra and orestes
Diomedes , came home to a cheating wife ( went to Italy , followers were birds)
Idomeneus same story cheating wife and went to Italy to make cities
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Chapter 19 : the trojan saga and the iliad. Zeus disguised himself as a swan and had sex with leda , they had 4 children ; helen, Polydeuces ( good boxer) and castor ( tamer of horses) were know as the dioscuri ( sons of. Zeus) , they were the patron saints of sailors , and lived eternally in hades. Helen married menelaus who became the king of sparta, they had a daughter hermoine , Paris (alexander) seduced helen and brought her to troy , in order to rescue her an expedition was put forth and lead by agamenon ( melanus" brother) Athena offered him victory in war, and aphrodite offered him helen , he chose aphrodite and the pretense of the trojan war were set in place. Electra had two sons with zeus , iasion and dardanus , when iasion died , dardanus marries the king of troy"s daughter , he calls troy dardania.

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