CLAS104 Study Guide - Final Guide: Meliae, Pegasus, Petasos

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A myth is a story which has prove itself worthy of becoming traditional. Traditional something that i spassed on, has some quality about it giving it enough value to pass on. A myth is a traditional tale with secondary partial reference to something of collective importance (w. burkert) Myths are traditional tales, which maintain contact with the past and hand on inherited wisdom to the future. Homer (700 bc) first person with idea to write down greek myths. Wrote down myths that had been passed down to him, from probably around 1200. Bc, some even before 2000 bc and 3000 bc (we know this based on the culture that was present in certain stories) Alexander the great as he conquered the known world, he read the stories of. Heracles version from disney movie, isn"t right or wrong just different from other versions.

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