CLAS104 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Athena, Demigod, Ichor

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Gods are portrayed as humans, they are depicted as humans, but their appearance and their actions are. The nature of the gods and greek religion idealized. Their food is called ambrosia and their wine is nectar, and the blood that runs in them is ichor. They are honoured and worshiped in the temples. Demigods: another class of superhuman beings who are superior than human beings; kind of like heroes; they are the offspring of mating between a god and a mortal ex: achilles (peleus + thetis) Heracles is also a demigod but later join the olympian gods due to the powers. Xenophances: a poet and a philosopher in pre-socratic period and insists that there is one supreme non- anthropomorphic god. Greek had no bible or strict dogma and no real sense of sin and were free to accept any new gods. Greek religion was developed over hundreds of years by diverse influences: indo-european, heritage of.

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