CLAS104 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Cronus, Odysseus, Oceanid

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Athens and hera over argos, ends up sending a disaster in the form of water. Portrayed as a mature male, with a trident (zeus has a thunderbolt) Have a resmblance to hades: god of the earthquakes: "earth shaker" cos, he was said to shake the earth (dangerous) ~ ripples underneath the earth cause the earthquakes: god of the sea: chose the sea when zeus, hades and himself had to divide the universe into three (eldest males of the. ~ people sacrifised fish to him and he sends unpredicatble storms at sea (his unpredictability) ~ he was seen as an antagonist becaue he lost all these competitions and treated the cities with destruction: god of the horses: called "poseidon hippios" aka horses as an adjective. ~ people sacrifised horses to him, as a religious ritual. Persophane) turns into a horse when she is running away from him, so he does too. Triton (had a fishy tail to calm/ rough the waves)

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