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Classical Studies
CLAS 104
Ronald Kroeker

FINAL EXAM for ENVE 320 Spr 2014Midterm quiz topics are possible content on the final but expect roughly 70 of final content will be post midterm quiz materialYou are allowed a cheat sheetOne 85 in x 11 in sheet of paper where you can use both sidesHopefully you can reuse your midterm quiz cheat sheetYou must create this yourselfnot allowed to make a copy of a friendsThe exam will have two partsShort answer questions 25 Multiple choice T or F definitions other quick thingsthese will generally cover topics that are not tested with the long answerquestions68 long answer questions 75 will be selected from the following topics and based on your assignments and the questionsmethods we saw in class o Mann Kendall test for trend o Decision tree o Added value model for decisionmakingcoming up with attributes weights for attributes etc see midterm questiono Decision in the concept design phasePugh Selection matrix o Sensitivity analysis o Computing riskbased system performance criteria for a time series reliability vulner
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