CLAS 202 Textbook Summary [Full Course] File contains conci..
CLAS 202 Textbook Summary [Full Course] File contains concise, easy-to-read summaries of assigned textbook readings. Readings arranged chronologically for ease of use; organized under the same headings used in the textbook for increased readability.

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University of Waterloo
Classical Studies
CLAS 202
Daniel Hutter

CLAS 202 Household LocationsMany of the divine or semi divine forces that resided within the household were associated with specific locations within the house Vesta was associated with the hearth Janus was the God most associated with thresholds and doorways the Penates were spirits that protected the food storage areas The Penates required daily offerings usually given by throwing food or salt on the fire Termina was associated with property boundaries and worshipped in the Terminalia festival celebrated every February 23 Lemures and ManesThe Lemures were the dangerous dead hostile ghosts of people who died at a young age or otherwise unexpectedly Manes were the benevolent spirits of ancestors later on in Roman religion everybody was seen as having individual manes soul but in the early days they were worshipped communally through the Feralia and Parentalia festivals The Roman GodsNot assumed to have direct contact with humans in the same manner that the Greek Gods did contacted through specific mediaJupiter The supreme God of the Roman a God associated with weather and lightning think Zeus Mars Roman God of war and agriculture more important in Roman religion than Ares was in Greek religion Mars was offered sacrificed before battles in order to curry his favour Quirinus Existed long before the founding of Rome not sure what he represented either God of war another one or the divine form of Romulus Juno Came to be associated with the Greek Goddess Hera associated with childbirth and marriage Festival of Matronalia women only involved Juno Minerva Associated with the Greek Goddess Athena was originally the patroness of arts and crafts came to be an important military deity Janus The God of beginnings and also of thresholds and doorways
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