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COMM 101
Jessica Harrion

Midterm ReviewBusiness PlanningCHP 2 3 mcBenefit of writing a business planModel of business planningdevelop a singlebasic business planstart businesstake info gathered from business operation s and refine and improve business plan then expand the businessComponent of a business planCharacteristics of wellprepared planpurposeful persuasive economical audience orientedSeven delay sins1poorly prepared has unprofessional look2far too slick too fancy makes investors wonder if the person hide sth3executive summary is too long4product development process is unclear5not clear about the pain why would ppl buy the product6no clear qualification of the management team7Financial projection are unreasonably optimisticWeek 1Business Planning 4 sa5Things an entrepreneur must accomplish Make meaning oThe best way to start an org is to make meaning most powerful motivatoroIncrease customers quality of life not just profitMake mantaoAn internal verbal saying or formula that your business is founded uponoHelp provide a core internal msg for the business to give it directionie Pepsicos refresh everything Awake chocolate stay awakeGet going oDont wait to develop the perfect product or service There will be plenty of time for refinement later Its not how great you start its how great you end upoStarting the business allow us to gather infoDefine a business model
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