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Excel Functions for final

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University of Waterloo
Computer Science
CS 100
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SOME USEFUL EXCEL FUNCTIONSFunction Description Example MATH FUNCTIONS PRODUCT Multiplies all the numbers given as A1 A2 A3arguments and returns the product You 2 4 6can also perform this operation by using the multiplyoperatorPRODUCT A1A3 SyntaxPRODUCT number 1 number2 evaluates to 48 246 SUM Adds the numbers specified as the A1 A2 A3arguments You can also perform this 2 4 6operation by using the addoperatorSUM A1A3 Syntax SUM number 1 number2 evaluates to 12 246 SUMIF Adds the cells specified by a given criteria A1 A2 A3 2 4 6SUMIF A1A3 2 A1A3 Syntax SUMIF range criteria sumrange evaluates to 10 46 SUMPRODUCT Multiplies corresponding components inA Bthe given arrays and returns the sum of 1 4 9these products 2 6 8 3 4 6 SUMPRODUCT A1A3 B1B3 evaluates to 108 4968Syntax SUMPRODUCT array1 array2 64
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