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Midterm Review Notes (Chap 1-6) Contains notes for midterm review for chapters 1-6. Includes diagrams, notes, definitions.

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Computer Science
CS 330
Zarrin Langari

CS 330 Midterm Review Notes Chapter 1 Data raw unformatted information ie 1234567890Information processed data or data in context ie 4165424327Knowledge action on information ie 4165424327Joe Smith Systems A group of elements that are integrated to achieve some common purposeMore than one componentParts have logical connectionsCommon goal exists marketing finance accounting systems IS can be viewed from 3 different perspectives Technology hardware software data communications People service support Business procedures data Technology Perspective A set of interrelated components people data procedures that collect process store and distribute information to support decision making and control in an organization IS are transforming businesses today throughIncrease in wireless technology Bluetooth WiFi Web sitesShifts in media and advertisingNew federal security and accounting laws Globalization OpportunitiesInternet has drastically reduced costs of operating on a global scalePresents both challenges and opportunities Role of IS in Business Today Strategic Objectives 1 Operational Excellence 2 New products services and business models 3 Customer and supplier intimacy 4 Improved decision making 5 Competitive Advantage 6 SurvivalFunctions of ISInformation Systems involve Organizations Technology and ManagementHow IS can be used on the Organization Dimension Business Functions IS Usage SalesMarketing Branding promotions processing orders providing customer service ManufacturingProduction Planning forecasting monitoring production and services FinanceAccounting Summarizing transactions organizing data and performing financial analysis Human Resources or Management Communicating with employees maintaining employee records coordinating work activities Information System Developing and supporting new systems
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