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CS 447
Lin Tan

Fault ErrorFailureFaultincorrect lines of codeErrorincorrect internal stateFailureexternal incorrect expected outputExample writeup of an error statex270i 1count 0PCfirst iteration of ifFor failure to occur must observeReachabilityFault must be reachedInfectionError in programPropagationError propagates and causes false outputStructural CoverageExample TestsTest Requirementsflavorchocolate flavorvanilla flavormintTest set3 chocolate cones 1 vanilla cone Coverage Level23667Node Coverage NCEvery node in a CFG is visited at least onceEdge Coverage ECEvery edge in a CFG is visited at least oncePathA sequence of adjacent nodes who are interconnected by edgesSubsequencea sequence that can be derived by deleting some nodes from another sequenceSubpathA subsequence of a path that is too a pathTest PathA path that starts at the initial node and ends at the end nodeSyntactically reachablethere exists a path from the initial node to node iSemantically reachablethere exists an input for which a path reaches node I from the initial nodeSESE graphstart at a single initial node end at a single end nodeSimple Pathno internal loops no node appears more than once in the path except that the first and last nodes may be the samePrime Path Simple Paths of maximal lengthPrime Path Coverage PPCcontains all prime paths in a graph
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