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ECON 102
Wokia Kumase

Review Chapter 211The table below uses data for the year 2000 provided by Statistics Canada and adjusted to be comparable to US data All values are in millions Fill in the blank entries in the table LabourForceAdultLabouUnemploymentParticipationCountryPopulationrEmployedUnemployedRateRateForceJapan108126379320France2598245564 percentGermany69173975808 percent2Some people are unemployed because they are searching for a very specific job How are these people best classified3Suppose that some people are counted as unemployed when to maintain unemployment compensation they search for work only at places where they are unlikely to be hired If these individuals were counted as out of the labour force instead of as unemployed how would the labour statistics changeaThe unemployment rate and the labourforce participation rate would be higherbThe unemployment rate and the labourforce participation rate would be lowercThe unemployment rate would be
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