ENBUS302 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Paper Towel, Kroger, Niche Market

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For example, the case study started with a woman calling martin wolf, the director of product quality and technology at seventh generation, how she has been using their products for years. Evidently, their customers are loyal to the brand. Their websites gives lots of information on general sustainability and health issues and people can subscribe to their newsletter the non-toxic times to learn more. Seventh generation also has a blog called inspired protagonist. Lastly, the public could speak directly to the company"s. Director of product quality and technology which says a lot about their commitments to transparency. While most people do not call wolf, they know that they can and that he will be a source of credible information. Seventh generation is not just a company that sells natural household products, it is a brand a brand that people trust and willing to pay higher prices for.

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