ENBUS302 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Swot Analysis, Pest Analysis, Elon Musk

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Conduct a pestel analysis to identify the forces affecting car manufacturing of alternative energy vehicles (aev). (2 points) Political: countries can have high environmental laws and be supportive of aev (canada grants subsidies for aev) while some countries can be unsupportive (oil producing countries, usa provide higher tax breaks for truck drivers). Economic: if the economy is good, demand for aevs will rise (high gdp means people can afford aevs and manufacturers have the resources to research and develop aevs). Oil prices can influence sales of aev (high oil prices means aevs are more cost effective in the long run). Social: people are more ecofriendly now so they want aevs. Tesla) appeals to status conscious people too because it makes them feel like a better" person. Technological: technological advancements (better batteries, less expensive repairs, beautiful designs) in the industry have increased demand for aev. Environmental: big manufacturers now have their own lines of aev because consumers want.

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