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Short answer: Whitespace - Whitespace is the emptiness between characters, lines, paragraphs in your writing - Whitespace is used to prevent the reader from losing their place when they look away from the text momentarily - Whitespace will help the reader process the information of the writing and gives the eyes a break Executive summary - Is also referred to as the abstract - The executive summary is a synopsis of the body of a proposal or report which specifies its highlights and recommendations Direct approach - A direct-approach memo is a message that presents the main point in the first paragraph Pre-writing process  PSAC – purpose/scope/audience/channel, first and one of the most important steps in writing The prewriting process involves:  Identify the purpose of the document  Estimate the scope of the subject  Determine receiver’s needs  Select the channel that is most appropriate for your message  Collect the information you plan to exchange Subject line - a subject line indicates the title, topic, purpose of the document - it is used to file and retrieve the document - it tells readers what is important about the document Tone Tone refers to the mood of a message. The tone should support its content and remain fairly consistent from beginning to end. It is necessary to select the right level of formality and whether to use a personal style or impersonal style. Try to remain positive and reduce negativity with passive voice. Always stress reader benefits and relevance. Be polite Audience/medium - Audiences vary, from primary to secondary audiences - The medium is the physical means in which an oral or written message is transmitted o Memo/letter/meeting/phone o Email/fax/voicemail/text message/fax Persuasive Writing 5 steps - Know your purpose and what you want your reader to do - Understand what motivates your reader, their goals and needs - Consider the design and layout, the
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