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ENGL210F Exam Review

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Judah Oudshoorn

Definitions Scope Level of detail required. What's the reader expecting? Consider: length, format, and visual elements Audience Profile Consider: responsibility or position, attitudes, interests, questions, expectations, knowledge, response, relationship to you, background, etc Rules, conventions and options you need to consider when you write. Your business style is a reflection of how you and your company do business. Business Style Good Business style helps career growth, personal growth, and corporate credibility. Tone Reflected in the words we use. Reflected in the level of formality. Positive, polite, stresses reader benefits, language inclusive. Denotation The dictionary definitions of words Connotation The implied positive or negative emotions, created by words. Medium How the message is transmitted. Consider: Accuracy, speed, cost, permanence, audience, implication, detail, etc. Persuasion Communication intended to induce belief or action. We all need to ask a favour, explain a solution to a problem, or present an idea Executive Rouhgly 10% the length of the report. Summary of the report that accurately reflects the reports' most important information without using an technical Summary jargon. Highlights the recommendations and conclustions. Active and The active voice states good and netural news clearly and directly and emphasizes the doer of an action. The questions of "who did it" is always clear Passive Voice because the grammatical subject "acts" by performing the action of the sentence. The passive voice is less vigorous and forthright. It is not always Business Purpose-driven, audience-focused, concise and detail oriented. It either persuades or informs. Communication Memos Header: DATE, TO, FROM, SUBJECT, CC Report Type Opening Body Closing Important information, purpose, Summarize request/action. Expand, discuss, and explain the Who, what, when, where, how long General Format required action problem, request, or action End date, feedback, contact Who, what, when, where, how information, reasons, etc. Clear and direct subject line Explain the subject clearly Follow-up instructions "more information at." Informative Direct, action-specific opening Highlight benefits Deadline, Benefits Focuses on action Outline the procedure in list format Contact information for questions Detail the reason for the request and Request Polite command or direct question Outline multiple requests in a list end date. State benefits Explain the request after the list You attitude (all about them) Refer to previous message. Reply Summary to introduce response to Bullet points for responses (bolded)Summarize response overall. Offer assistance questions. Positive tone, forward looking, allow Major details and points agreed Follow-up Identifies date and subject of the upon during the meeting are listed in for correction of details & feedback. meeting (meeting names and titles) Written confirmation of oral bullet points. agreements Open with appeal to company to Provide coherent, unemotional End courteously with request for Claim Letter stand by its agreements to do the explanation specific action right thing Supply supporting document Open directly with a summary Answer each inquiry logically and Build goodwill by offering other Response statement to introduce the specific answers that follow fully in list form (bold) resources and assistance. Regain customers confidence by Convey respect for the reader and Claim response Announces good news immediately explaining claim investigation express confidence in renewed improvements and settlement investigation business relationship. Information and instruction. Instructional Summarize the process, activity or Explain with specific instructions End date. operation. factual explanation Claim refusal neutral with statement of company neutral language Express confidence in a continued policy Logical business relationship offer the next best alternative Explain the solution and benefits Politely ask for action and connect Describe the problem and quantify List the advantages and Persuasive with statically evidence acknowledge counter-arguments action to benefits. End date. and potential drawbacks. Link the story to the services. Put Price, benefits, time-limited offer (to Sales message Like a story - advantages of service service details in a bulleted list. promote a quick response) Used for informal and analytical reports. For routine, non-sensitive information. Direct Approach Informal: Purpose/intro/background. Facts and finding. Summary Analytical: Purpose/intro/background. Conclusions or recommendations. Facts and Findings. Discussion and analysis. Explains and clarifies. Give Contact information, input and Delivers the main message first background information. feedback, deadline, appreciation Indirect Requires persuasion or education of the reader. Format: Purpose/Intro/Background. Fact and Findings. Discussion and Analysis. Conclusions and recommendations. Approach Report Type Opening Body Closing Explain background and reasons Buffer - short statement to grab End pleasantly with goodwill attention that's neutral with facts. statement. Bad news - balanced by alternative.Informal Reports * Have a header and footer for these reports. Example: OITC header. Also Include page numbers and references. Covers details of interest to Closes with synthesis of the value of Trip/Conference Provides event and location purpose management the event and a suggestion for Report Previews the major topics refers to enclosed attachments and action (attend in the future, provide uses headings for major topics speaker, don't go to again, etc.0 Summarize activities and events Activity Summary (heading) carried out during the reporting Highlight special needs for the next Activity report "The following is an account for the period. report period period of May 1030." Describe irregularities/problems that require management attention "Background" - purpose and special requirements. Summary of project and proposed Close with confirmation of delivery Progress Report deadline "Works Completed" time of the next report "Works to be Completed" "Anticipated Problems" (optional) "Background" - jo
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