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Kathryn Mc Arthur
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About transformation and metamorphosis
Symbol for perfection is the symbol for gold (circle with a dot in the center)
oNecklace she gives can be thought of as the gold symbol, same with the
spinning wheel
Little man is an inhabitant of other
Christian elements
3 is a common number in folk tales
3 is the time that tells: its all sorted out the third time it happens
Kings are always associated with the sun
Promises have to be kept
Sometimes the sentences are structured in 3s as well
Given 3 days to give her child
What you name something is all powerful
oIf Adam (from Adam and eve) names the animals he has power over them
Some telling’s of the tale represent a satanic connection to rumpletiltskin
Fire is an active masculine upwards element
The Jeniper Tree
The Cinderella group of tales
oWish for a child
oAn element of the natural mother
oFinding off a proper bridegroom (the right prince)
oOften have a tree
oWicked stepmother
Doesn’t lose its leaves (evergreen)
oStands for everlasting life
oThe birth of Christ
Mother who longs for the child, pricks her finger into the snow
A boy is born
The mothers spirit becomes part of the tree
Becomes the agent of retributive justice at the end
Stepmother murders the daughter and gives the blame to her daughter
Cooks him up in a stew and serves him to his father
Mary Jeanie (the daughter) takes the bones and buries them under the tree
There is a fire in the tree
Out of the fire bursts a bird who punishes those who need to be
Many Pelts
Cinderella group tale

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Tale that is often not included in collections because its very mature
Glimpse of the crime of incest
The most active female character in all of folktales
Sets impossible tasks for her father
Hides in the forest
Becomes a cinder girl
Marries a different king (not her father)
Celebration of the female spirit
oShe determines her own fate
The Goose Girl
A talking horse head
The story of the Shepard boy –hybrid of many tales
Points out the mine field we walk into when we read folktales
The potency of blood and the things related to it– fertility, becoming a woman
Daughter not able to protect the blood
Ashie Pattle
From the ashes comes a magnificent bird that provides justice
Those associated with ashes are key characters in stories
A figure that can cross boundaries
oAsh is a border between worlds: the wood that is consumed produces ash
and heat
Beautiful lily white faced stepsisters with ugly black hearts
oEnd up as the ugly stepsisters
oGood is not always associated with beauty
The prince is dumb and doesn’t notice that he has the wrong bride (twice)
Father is there but absent: doesn’t protect the daughter
Stepdaughters ask for articles of vanity
Ashie asks for a twig (its a hazel twig, she plants it on her mothers grave and
waters it with her tears)
Grows into a magical tree
oTwo birds come and provide her with the things to attract the prince at the
Hazel is the wood that was used for the finding of water
oFinds water, life, the spirit of the dead mother that is channeled into the
The birds mobilize to help her with the impossible tasks
Has to pick lentils from the ashes
3 nights of the ball, three times she cries on the twig
Jumps into trees to hide from the prince
oNot ready to be recognized

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

Snow White
Catoptromancy – divination with mirrors
oShow you your reflection
oFacing yourself and all the implications of yourself
Mirror is magic and shows the wicked queen for what she really is
Winter is a time of death
oTime of greatest darkness, sun starts to come back after the winter solstice
(sign of returning life)
3 drops of blood fall into the snow
Structured around magical numbers
Overlay of Christian belief
oThe queen is prideful which is a sin
oThe first of the seven deadly sins
Goes to the mirror seven times, snow white is beautiful by the time she is seven,
snow white goes over seven hills, finds seven dwarfs
She is humble
Tempted 3 times by the wicked queen
oObjects that represent vanity (comb and ribbons the first times)
oThird time: apple
Take on the attributes of that which you have killed if you eat its internal organs
Kills a boar and takes the organs to the queen
oSpecifically male
oBoars get angry and take vengeance, aren’t smart (don’t hide when
oAfter she eats the boar she becomes the killer
oTakes on the disguise of an ugly peddler woman (boars are ugly)
Animals don’t attack her when she is running away
When snow white goes to the dwarfs they allow her to stay if she promises to do
chores (7 duties)
oLearning to be a grownup
Birds protect her coffin
oDove – innocence, peace, hope, the holy spirit
oWhite, black, and red birds
She only wakes up because the piece of poisoned apple comes out not because of
the prince
Briar Rose (sleeping beauty)
Long wished for child
Frogs signal a transformation (can live on water and land)
oA frog tells her she’ll have a daughter
Follows the male principle
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