ENGL210F Study Guide - Final Guide: Persuasive Writing, Apollo 11 Goodwill Messages

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ENGL 210F: Exam Notes
December 8, 2012: PAC P23
Module 2: The Writing Process
Includes : Prewriting, Organizing, Drafting, Revising and Editing
Prewriting: purpose (to keep record, to give instructions, to encourage action or
promote goodwill), scope ( what is the level of detail required , how long does it have to
be , format and are visuals required) and audience ( ask yourself what their position is ,
what their interests could be, their knowledge and if they will be neutral , resistant or
receptive to your communication)
To pick the appropriate medium of communication consider : accuracy, speed, cost and
permanence , privacy , audience and feedback ( how fast you need the response)
Module 3: Memos, Emails, Routine Internal Communications
(p.142 has examples of bad memos)
Emails are used since they create a record unlike phone conversations or meetings,
they reach a wider audience using CC, communicates with sensitivity, used for internal
and informal external communication
Memos : header and message , less formal than an email , usually one page
Memo Format
Be direct and start with your most important point (when giving instructions or routine news)
End with a request for specific action, reason for request or deadline (Please and Thanks!)
Email Format
Hi …,
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