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UWFINE205Joan CoutuFall

[FINE 205] - Final Exam Guide - Everything you need to know! (66 pages long)

OC125915866 Page
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UWFINE112Joan CoutuFall

FINE112 Study Guide - Final Guide: George Grosz, Georges Seurat, Umberto Boccioni

OC3218464 Page
Leger rendered 3d objects on a 2d form i. e. nudes in the forest. Many people thought the war was going to end + cleanse society from what"s wrong. So
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UWFINE242Craig HardimanFall

FINE 242 Midterm: Fine 242 Exam note 1

OC10492978 Page
Called hut urns because of shape, was used to store ashes after cremation. Gives us an indication about what their domestic architecture looked like be
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UWFINE209Veronica CarterFall

FINE209 Study Guide - Comprehensive Midterm Guide: Willem De Kooning, Western Canon, Clement Greenberg

20 Page
Modern, adjective: describes a period of time, for our purposes, mid-twentieth century, example: autumn rhythm by jackson pollock is a work of modern a
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FINE282 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: St Helens R.F.C., Ethnology, Nail Polish

OC1042337 Page
Indians and sqaws of lower canada: people serve as mannequins, just modelling the clothing and not interacting. Krieghoff: caughnoega indians in a snow
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