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University of Waterloo
Geography and Environmental Management
GEOG 102
Joan Ellsworth

Life Cycle of a Midlatitude CycloneKnow for Midterm wblock diagramsCyclogenesisformation of cyclone small kink in front increases until open stageOpen stagewarm front ahead of cold front winds rotating in counter clockwise directionOccluded stageforms east bound when two fronts meet and start pinching each other sending warm air overDissolvingas moves into east energy is run out of systemcold air pushes warm air up which is the reason for severe weather in North AtlanticIsostatic Adjustment Know for Midterm w block diagramsThe asthenosphere can be deformed when a large mass of weight sits on top like a waterbed like that of a mountain The uppermost mantle can also be deformed slightly even though it is rigidWeight from the mountain displaces upper mantle downwardsas the material is eroded away and the sediments are transported down to the ocean margins the weight is removed so the asthenosphere plastic adjusts and submerges at continental margins until eventually the mantel returns to its original statewhere sediments are deposited the upper most mantle is subsided Geological Cycle KNOW FOR MIDTERM W BLOCK DIAGRAMSPlate tectonics Exogenous and Endogenous processes working togetheroSolar energy is exogenous processoProcesses from Earth itself are endogenousSolar energy from the sun affects the hydrological cycle which causes precipitation causing erosion of the mountains to be transported down to coastal area accumulation of sedimentsunderneath have endogenous processes plate tectonics where energy from radioactive decay moves up to surface which causes spreading and where it hits the continent it is moving under continentwhere oceanic crust is sub ducted under continental crust Imbalance between exogenous sun and endogenous from earth itself resulting in new crustal material and relief in mountains
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