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Geography and Environmental Management
GEOG 203
Brent Doberstein

Part A Answer TWO of the following 3 questions 2 points each x 241Explain nonmarket values and provide an example the goods or services that cannot buy or sold directly are defined as nonmarket values Nonmarket values have no monetary values Ex wildlife viewing personal experience in traveletcMarket response modelaAssumptions scarcityincentivesbMediating externalities more efficiently through private contractscMechanisms green taxes markets for pollution green consumer choicesLimitations dMarkets fail dont consistently solve environmental problemseDifficult to value environmental goods2Explain the roles of the state marketconsumers in some dominant environmental regulatory mechanisms Chap 3 week 2 lecture cap and trade a marketbased system to manage environmental pollutants where a total limit is placed on all emissions in a jurisdictionstate country worldwide etc and individual ppl or firms possess transferable shares of that total theoretically leading to the most efficient overall system to maintain and reduce pollution levels overall 1
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