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Geography and Environmental Management
GEOG 306
Brent Doberstein

Geog 206Human Dimension of Natural HazardsLec 1 Human dimensionsNatural disasters A blend of naturalunnatural humancaused elements1Human environmental misuseDeforestationFlash FloodinglandslidesCoral miningerosionstorm surge2Human settlementsLocationBuilding qualitycommunication designEx informal settlements Makoko NigeriaHurricane Sandy Long Island NYNatural vs unnatural disastersEnvironmental hazards all potential threats facing human society by events that originated inare transmitted thru the environment a hazard becomes a disaster when the affected group is incapable of recovering without external assistanceThe term natural disaster has become an increasingly anachronistic misnomer In reality human behaviour transforms natural hazards into what should really be called unnatural disastersAlluvial FanA fanshaped mass of sediment especially silt sand gravel and boulders deposited by a river when its flow is suddenly slowed Alluvial fans typically form where a river pours out from a steep valley through mountains onto a flat plain1981 Jimani Dominican Republic 2004 in Jimani 400 killed2005 Kashmir Earthquake300 schools destroyed 18000 children1000 teachers killedhuman dimension95 of earthquake deaths are due to building collapsehuman settlement planning Kashmir is A highly seismically active area of the world 2008 Sichuan Earthquake80000 killed building collapse due to poor construction linked to many deathsHaiti 2010 earthquakeRio de Janeiro 2011Landslide in informal settlement built on unstable slopesDisciplinary connectionsHazards are studied by many ppl geography involves both environmenthuman interactionengineershealth professionalsRecent hazardsdisastersscientistsToronto flash floods July 2013emergency managersNE icestorm Dec 2013policy makersSuper typhoon Haiyan Philippines Dec psychologistssociogists2013economistsresource managers Lec 2Hazards introOutlineDefinitions hazard risk disasterClassifying hazards hazard typologyHazards affecting students in this classHazards researchHazards paradigmsNatural hazardsText definition any natural process or phenomenon that may cause loss of life injury or health impacts property damage loss of livelihoods and services social and economic disruption or environmental damageHazard riskdisasterTerms interrelated but differentHazard event or phenomenon with potential to create damageloss a source of dangerRisk exposure of something of human value to a hazardopeopleogoods eg housing land belongings businessesoenvironment eg flora fauna amenityDisaster the realization of hazard when damage is caused by a hazardNatural phenomena events not caused by human beingsHazard natural events which could create lossRisk probability of an event occurringcreating lossDisaster actual consequenceNatural hazard typesMetrological hazards HurricanesBlizzardsTornadoesIce stormHeat windHydrological hazardsFloods riverFloods coastalDroughts
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