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Hlth/geron 210 Study Notes with some questions and answers and also learning objective for each unit. I hope this helps you!

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University of Waterloo
Nancy Pearce

Unit 6 Chronic Physical Illness Learning Objectives 1 To distinguish pathological conditions ie diseases from normal agerelated changes covered in Unit 2 2 To review the major causes of mortality death and morbidity illness in older Canadians 3 To understand how patterns of mortality and morbidity differ for older men versus older women as well as for certain racial or ethnic groups 4 To help you understand the impact of the most common chronic illnesses on older adults 5 To help you understand why illnesses may be more difficult to diagnose and manage or treat in older versus younger adults Note you are not expected to know the health care costs associated with various conditions this information was provided for interest only to illustrate the magnitude of various problems Study Questions 1Explain why chronic illness may be difficult to diagnose in older adults Symptomology they under report diseasesComorbidity have more than one disease at a timeMedications they are on multiple medications side effects can look like symptom or mask symptomsNormal aging changesVariable impact someone might have a heart disease and not be bothered while another might be severely debilitated2 What is the difference between mortality and morbidityMortality is the age of people that die from a certain disease while morbidity is the suffering that occurs in people with a certain disease3What are the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in older Canadian menwomen Leading causes of cancerrelated deaths for men versus women The leading cause of death in older Canadian men than women is heart disease and strokeMore women die due to osteoporosis than breasecancer and ovarian cancer combined4What are the similaritiesdifferences between osteo and rheumatoid arthritis In both diseases the knees hands and hips are affected for both to be treated a healthy body weight is to be maintainedIn osteoarthritis the spine is involved while in rheumatoid arthritis the spine isnt
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