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Hist191 - Special Topics in History; Exam Overview.pdf
Hist191 - Special Topics in History; Exam Overview.pdf

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University of Waterloo
HIST 191
Julia Roberts

Scramble for Africa - (Nov 15th, 1884 - Feb 26th. 1885) - imperialism - Conference of Berlin - africans were not present - racism - place to dump unwanted population - European nationalism - Exploration - Livingstone - Stanley - Belgium - King Leopold - Rubber Great War - (Aug 4th, 1914 - Nov 11th, 1918) - Prof Hayes - The Schlieffen plan was the cause of the war - Triple Entente + Triple Alliance - Treaty of Versailles - War Guilt - Theory of Historical Memory and Difference - Flanders Fields - Anthem for Doomed Youth - Aug 4th - Britain declared war on Germany Pandemic Influenza - (July - November 11th, 1918) - Different experiences - Montreal - Toronto - Lack of Knowledge about how to deal with the outbreak - Pandemic happening at the same time as the War - Why people don’t remember the war - accepted part of life in 1918 - 50 - 100 million deaths - Life goes on even during a crisis Hiroshima - (August 6th, 1945) - two interpretations - Orthodox and Revisionist - Henry Stinson - Sec of War - Truman. John Hersey - USA had to end the war quickly, - USA wanted to show superiority over the USSR - Started the Cold War - post revisionist - combines aspects of both arguments - It took until John Hersey published the expose in the 60’s in the New Yorker for citizens to start to question the motives of the A bomb - Potsdam con
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