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Lecture 1 - Civil War Great Note describing the introduction to the civil war from the first lecture. Very detailed and elaborate.

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University of Waterloo
HIST 315
Andrew Hunt

HIST110 Jan 7 2011 History 120 America At War 18611945 Civil War Civil War Part 1 Eve of Civil War 1861 US was still growing farmers in industrial east and westMore profound and epic struggle about what the United States was to becomeAmericas first industrial warSpark that Started Civil War Fort Sumter April 1861 Abraham Lincoln was elected as President in November 1860 with 2nd highest percentage in voter history in USLincoln won all Northern States but no Southern States which triggered crisis of epic proportionsSoutherners saw Lincoln as an individual who would stop at nothing to eliminate slaves restructure Southern SocietyNever before in American history had society been so divided hatred etcThe birth of the Confederate States of America CSA February 1861Governors in South Carolina and Mississippi called conventions to find a reason to solve the abolitionist Lincoln won the electionBy the end of 18
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