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Lecture 1 - Civil War Great Note describing the introduction to the civil war from the first lecture. Very detailed and elaborate.

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Andrew Hunt
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HIST110 Jan 7 2011
History 120 America At War: 1861-1945
Civil War
Civil War Part 1:
- Eve of Civil War 1861, US was still growing farmers in industrial east
and west.
- More profound and epic struggle about what the United States was
to become.
- America’s first industrial war.
Spark that Started Civil War: Fort Sumter, April 1861
- Abraham Lincoln was elected as President in November 1860, with
2nd highest percentage in voter history in US.
- Lincoln won all Northern States but no Southern States, which
triggered crisis of epic proportions.
- Southerners saw Lincoln as an individual who would stop at nothing
to eliminate slaves, restructure Southern Society.
- Never before in American history had society been so divided,
hatred, etc.
- The birth of the Confederate States of America (CSA) February 1861.
- Governors in South Carolina and Mississippi called conventions to
find a reason to solve the abolitionist Lincoln won the election.
- By the end of 1860, the US was collapsing.
- South Carolina was the first state that succeeded from the US; held
huge rallies, celebrations, on December 20th 1860.
- They felt they had no choice but to withdraw from the union because
foundations were threatened.
- 6 other states succeeded afterwards after South Carolina: Mississippi
and Florida, Alabama and Georgia, Louisiana and Texas.
- Afterwards, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas
- 4 were left part of union.
- February 1861, gathered in Montgomery Alabama, created a
federate constitution, which created abolition of slavery.
- Selected Jefferson Davis as leader.
- By this time the US was fractured nation, and confederate states of
America. These leaders saw themselves as honorable people who
tried to save the Southern States from the North.
- Before succession was underway, the US was building For Sumter,
modern fortress surrounded by brick walls and still in construction
when succession was going on.
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