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Lecture 8 - The Tides Turn Very well written note and main topics are excellently described and summarized! Essential to download for success in the course!!!!

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HIST120 Jan 31 2011
Lecture 8: The Tide Turns, 1863
I. Fredericksburg & Chancellorsville
A time of torment: Christmas Season 1862.
Union forces were now under command of a new general.
Nightmare at Fredericksburg Virginia: General Ambrose Burnside & the slaughter at
Marye’s Heights (December 13, 1862).
Burnside led a massive army, as he was under pressure to defeat confederate forces,
towards Virginia, hoping he would overtake and defeat the Confederates.
Fredericksburg was located near a key river.
Robert E. Lee decided he was going to send his best Sharpshooters in Marye’s
Heights (small hill to shoot at Union soldiers).
By nightfall, Union troops controlled the village of Fredericksburg.
Burnside then ordered his troops to attack Marye’s Heights.
Burnside wouldn’t stop sending troops up the hill, however, they were all becoming
By the end, Burnside had lost 12,000 men.
News of defeat at Fredericksburg was sent by telegraph to Lincoln.
Lincoln relieved Burnside of his duties and appointed Hooker as General.
General Joseph Hooker & the Confederate victory at Chancellorsville (May 1-4,
Hooker improved sanitation, camp life, and was a general loved by his men.
Fighting was intense, forced Union forces to retreat back across the river.
Union forces yet again, suffered a humiliating defeat. Hooker was willingly relieved
from command.
The death of General Stonewall Jackson (May 10, 1863) kept the Confederates army
from rejoicing.
Was killed by nervous confederates who thought he was an enemy; died a few day
II. Civil War Politics & Diplomacy
The precarious state of Democracy during the war: Lincoln, civil liberties, & the
suspension of habeas corpus.
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