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HLTH102 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Medicine Wheel, Scantron Corporation, Youth Smoking

Health Studies
Course Code
Scott Leatherdale
Study Guide

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30 questions
40 minutes to write
multiple choice for all
20% of final mark
2 different exams
ending at social determinants
topics 1-7
scan-tron exam
need to know numbers for food guide and physical activity guide
do not need to know specifics about aboriginal medicine wheel, need to know that it
expresses spirituality as health
physical activity trends
-for adults women are doing worse in aerobic fitness. 1/2 are in needs improvement.
-more women need improvement than men, even higher in older people
-aerobic fitness, flexibility, and muscular strength
-aerobic fitness- young adults are not doing well. as getting older still not doing well, but
women are worse than men.
-flexibility women are doing better than men. in general still not being done well, gets
worse as you get older. women doing better because do more yoga flex training than
strength training.
-muscular strength - men doing better than women because they focus on strength
-canadians are not physically active enough among all age groups.
-kids - aerobic boys are doing better than girls. flex girls are better. muscular endurance
better for boys. boys better with endurance but less with strength.
-not enough kids are active.
-cannot memorize numbers because they change every year
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