HLTH173 Study Guide - Final Guide: Davisville Station, Detection Theory, Forklift

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In-Class Case Study Review
Case Study #1: Workplace where lumber tragedy occurred had years of
safety infractions (OHS Canada)
-WorkSafeBC revealed employer had logged > 2.5 years of occupational health
and safety violations prior to the death of 2 workers in lumbar yard
-Victims were found under a pile of lumber that feel on top of them
-No witnesses to the incident
-Victims thought to be 60 and 65 years old
-Previous report noted:
oOutstanding orders Re load-handling attachments installed on mobile
oLack of “written procedures for providing first-aid services at the
o“Employer has not maintained a record of worker injuries and
exposures to contaminants covered by the Occupational Health and
Safety Regulation”
-Earliest inspection report dealt with outstanding orders Re:
oUnsafe loading dock
oUnder-qualified forklift operator
oLack of high-visibility clothing in hazardous areas
-Other reports said:
o“In areas where forklifts are traveling with elevated loads, pedestrian
traffic must be separated and safe work procedures must be in place;
Otherwise, loads must be as low as possible
oStressed the dangers of driving a forklift with an elevated load, a
practice that increases the vehicle’s instability and may cause it to tip
-Company had never been fined or charged for any safety infractions to date*
1. Do you think the culture of the company reflected the 3 human actor goals
(Enhance performance, Increase safety, Increase satisfaction)?
oEnhance performance - Perhaps in the eyes of the employer, but not
in an efficient or moral manner (sacrificing the health and well-being
of employees), Disregard for employee health also compromises
efficiency (why put seniors on job?)
oIncrease safety - Not at all, Showed complete disregard for
suggestions by inspectors and occupational health safety reports, Did
not have adequate minimal procedures in place
oIncrease satisfaction - Employees are not satisfied as previous
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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