HRM200 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Carbon Footprint, Common Hardware Reference Platform, Workforce Management

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Chapter one the strategic role of hr management. Human resources management (hrm) management of people in organizations to drive successful organizational performance and achievement of organization"s strategic goals. Human capital knowledge, education, training, skills, expertise of an orgs"s workforce. Scientific management scientifically analyzing manufacturing processes to reduce production costs and compensating employees based on performance. Prior to phase 2 and increased operational efficiency but wage increases did not keep up workers distrust mgt. Human resources movement focuses on concern for people and productivity. Phase 1 early 1900"s personnel administration: hiring, firing, payroll/benefits processing. Phase 2 1930"s 1950"s unions, compliance with new laws (min. wage, unemp. Orientation, performance appraisal, employee relations added to personnel mgr job. Phase 3 1960-1980"s tech advances outsourcing of many admin functions. Phase 4 1990 present every line mgr possess basic hr skills. Measuring the value of hr: metrics statistics used to measure activities & results.

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