HRM200 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Industrial Engineering, Job Enrichment, Scatter Plot

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Canadian legislation: canadian charter of rights and freedoms basic rights for all canadians, human rights legislation protection from discrimination, employment standards legislation. Minimum terms and conditions of employment: ordinary laws content or context specific, collective bargaining agreement, employment contract. Freedoms freedom of conscience and religion freedom of thought, belief, expression" and opinion freedom of peaceful assembly freedom of association. Section 15 equality rights right to equal protection and benefit of the law without discrimination. Employment equity act based on charter of rights and freedoms applies to federally regulated employers only promotes equality, removes employment barriers four designated groups: women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, Bona fide occupational requirement (bfor) justifiable reason for discrimination based on business necessity (safe and efficient operations) e. g. vision standards for bus driver. Employment standards act federal and provincial/territorial versions establish minimum terms for: Wages, overtime pay paid holidays and vacations.

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