HRM200 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Glass Ceiling, Employer Branding, Nepotism

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Choose 3 questions out of the 5 (each worth 4 marks) Describe 3 possible ways to solve a labour shortage. >> list and describe 4 step process in recruitment. 14 t/f, 53 m/c, 3 short answer worth 4 marks each (79 marks total) A company policy that limits internet use on company premise is a violation of privacy rights . Failure to update skills and management inventories can lead to present employers being overlooked for job openings true. If an employee is unable to perform 1 or more essential duties of a job, due to a mental or physical ability, accommodation is not required false. What is the term for the process of systematically organizing work, end result of this process is job description and job specification. 4 point guide used to construct a recruitment ad. Written statement of what a job holder actually does.

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