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Human Resources Management
HRM 200
Katrina Di Gravio

TEST REVIEW 1 Define Discrimination Distinction exclusion or preference based on a prohibited ground such as race religion ethnicity gender etc which nullifies or impairs a persons right to full and equal recognition and exercise of the human rights and freedoms2 What are the two types of discrimination Intentional Discriminationdirectly discriminating you by refusing to hire promote or train employees based o prohibitive grounds showing differential or unequal treatment in any aspect of employment indirectly discriminating you through a third party discrimination because of association due to friendship or relationship with a protected memberUnintentional Discriminationalso known as constructive or systemic discrimination is usually embedded in the policies but appears to be impartial and has an adverse effect on specific groups of people Word of mouth hiring process jobevaluation process that is not gender neutral limited accessibility of company premises3 What is requirement for reasonable accommodation The Human Rights Legislation mandates a requirement for reasonable accommodation where employers have to adjust employment policies so as to not deny benefits disadvantage employment or prevent people from carrying on work to the point of undue hardship where financial costs and health and safety make it impossible to accommodate4 What is Bona fide Occupational Requirement BFOR is the only permissible form of discrimination based on a justifiable reason either because it is a business necessity for safe and efficient operation of the organization intrinsically required for job tasks5 What is undue hardship Undue hardship is the point where financial costs and health and safety does not make accommodation possible The Human Rights Legislation mandates that employers must accommodate to the point of undue hardship6 Define Harassment Harassment is unwelcome behavior that is hostile inappropriate demeans or humiliates a person and that a reasonable person should know is unwelcome 7 What is Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment is humiliating behavior relating to a persons sex or sexual nature that creates an intimidating hostile creating offensive office environment
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