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KIN 104
Stuart Mc Gill

KIN 104 November 5, 12 Training maximum performance - World’s best athletes are animals Theory : Speed and impact force is a function of muscle activation rate and rate if relaxation - consider : muscle activation creates force and stiffness – force cant be fast - apparent paradox: o strength = speed o relaxation = speed - how do ufc fighters create such a forceful and fast kick? – double pulse o Hardens body to get muscle going o Relax o At the end, he hardens his body again o When you get tired, you don’t relax – not good o Hardening of body – called effective mass o Thus, double pulse for speed and strike force (effective mass) o Conclusion : rate of muscle contraction and rate of relaxation is important o Great athletes relax faster - Train your rates of relaxation - Relax and be faster – to be stronger - There is usually too much emphasis on training to increase mass with hypertrophy (which slows motion)rather than training effective mass Being the best – take the challenge - Justify every exercise you prescribe; then assume that you must optimize athleticism but make weight - “ train the brain, train the nerves, I don’t train the muscles”, Vasily Alexeyev Functional Strength (kazmaier) - similar to alexeyev - move the neuromuscular compartments - the double cam - superstiffness – posture and lat dorsi – pull down on the lat dorsi – get your strength proximally Russian Squat Techniques - elastic bands on the weight - use the toes and heels - use the neuromuscular part - hip abduction and external rotation o activates glut max. and med and ab wall more than conventional squat o unloads the knee – lift more? o Spread the floor with external rotation – left more Strongman - lift the bar - bending the bar on her back - uses the same lat dorsi pattern - teaching the brain how to use – neuromuscular training Individualizing program design is paramount (look 1133) - active disc bulge o gain the extensor strength by locking the back and extending hips o veins and arteries grow at the sight of imperfection Anatomy : Lordosis and Hips - sprinter – big lordosis never flat back - ufc fighter if they kick no lordosis - cant train everyone the same way - ufc fighters cant run - power production is anatomical - hips Ukrainian vs Scottish o Ukrainian – more often dysplastic hips – not deep - flat  Huge power though o Western Europe – deep hips  Deep squat – they break something the hip (impingemnt syndrome)– have to get hip replacements – they get terrific power production in the first part of the squat Pathway of Partia Herniation Classification System (spine) - oval shape of disc – directionally diffuse partial herniation with volume contained at an angle of > 45 degrees - lima bean shape – directionally concentrated partial herniation with volume contained at an angle of <45 degrees Deep squats? - Qualify: o No flexion antalgia while sitting o Must pass hip exam o Thoracic mobility o Other joint m
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