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Kin 104 Muscle Adaptations EXAM Review

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KIN 104
Stuart Mc Gill

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Muscle Adapts to Stress Decrease Muscle Useprolonged bed restlimb castingspace flightIncrease Muscle Useendurancestrength training Muscle Size is critical for optimal muscle functionmuscle wasting and dysfunction occur duringaginginactivitycardiovascular diseases heart failure hypertensionrespiratory diseases COPDmuscular dystrophycancerburn injuryHIVAIDS Why is muscle adaptation important to Generalhealthyathletic populationcan we find strategies to prevent diseasehow do we improve muscle function traininghow do we optimize training to level to specific adaptations o size o endurance o speedcan we find strategies to prevent diseasecan we find strategies to reversecan we restore some or all function through rehabilitationMr
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