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Kin 104 EXAM Review Notes

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KIN 104
Stuart Mc Gill

The athletic world has forever been exploiting our youth as a source of athletic potential sacrificing thehealth safety and welfare of these childathletes to satiate the intense nationalistic pride of the country and more dishearteningly in the name of the Almighty Dollar The research in the field has provided feedback regarding the physiological mental and social effectsnegative andor positivethat strength training influences over prepubescent growth and development For the majority of the 20th century the idea of children or even adolescents participating in strengthand resistance training programs has received little support from physicians and physical educatorsdespite the evidence of poor strength levels in children Much of the evidence in supporting the ban onprepubescent resistance training evolved from several early scientific reports that concluded youngchildren were not able to gain strength before puberty and that they were more susceptible to injuries because of their developing musculoskeletal systems Fortunately new information regarding the safety effectiveness and health benefits of resistance training for children is now likely to reverse past skepticism intensive training overzealous coaching and excessive pressure to perform at a level beyond ones capabilities can have a negative effect on some youth who are emotionally and psychologically vulnerable 342 In some cases inappropriate coaching methods unethical training practices or an emphasis on leanness may lead to the abuse of performanceenhancing drugs 1
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