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KIN 104
Stuart Mc Gill

KIN 104 Midterm 1 Review 1) Role of OKA? - Represents the interests of kinesiologists 2) Role of College of Kinesiologists? - Protect the public/ laws and enforcement 3) Scope of Practice: - The practice of kinesiology is the assessment of human movement and performance and it’s rehabilitation and management to maintain, rehabilitate, or enhance movement and performance. (RHPA, 2010) 4) Kin is both a profession and a discipline. Explain. - Was studied as a discipline in universities and then became a profession (you can study kinesiology AND/OR be a kinesiologist in the clinical sense). 5) Elements of Jurisprudence? - Confidentiality and privacy: need to maintain patients confidentiality. - Conflict of Interest: disclose potential conflicts of interest - Consent from patient: need to be informed of all risks - Continuing competency (recert): continuous learning - Practice management: collaborate in teams if applicable - Professional boundaries: treat patients with respect and without bias. - Registrant’s obligations: must comply with rules and standard of practice. - Scope of practice: must follow, can’t perform controlled acts. - Use of title: don’t call yourself Dr. - Use of support personelle: hire qualified people and use appropriately - Patient records: a complete record must be maintained for each patient 6) What is a hypothesis? - A testable statement designed to prove a point. 7) Research study designs? - Crossover design (1/2 placebo, ½ experimental, cross-over) - Randomized control group: put participants randomly into experimental group and control group. 8) How does variability influence the ability to detect difference? - More variability makes it harder to determine relationships 9) Biological vs. Statistical difference - Biological: change from intervention is actually meaningful; practical (real life applications) - Statistical: intervention caused a change; depends upon standard deviation; indicates that the difference is unlikely to have occurred by chance; not necessarily biologically significant 10) Define job coaching. - Change the job (ergonomics) and the behaviour - Coach a person to move for less stress on the body at work 11) What are the three levels for musclo-skeletal disorder prevention? - Hazard identification; risk assessment; hazard control 12) What is the rule of thumb for designing for a population? - Design for the average (5 -95 percentile) - Let the small person reach (ie design for less than the 5 percentile for shelves, escape hatches) - Let the large person fit (ie design for greater than the 95 percentile for door frames, escape hatch width) 13) How does an employer address essential and non-essential duties for a disabled worker? - Driven by Ontario human rights code - The term essential function means fundamental to the job - Employers are required to forgive a qualified individual with a disability if a non-essential function cannot be performed - Employers must provide reasonable accommodation when necessary to perform an essential duty - Financial hardship clause 14) Explain how you w
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