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Midterm 2 summary

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University of Waterloo
KIN 104
Stuart Mc Gill

How should you breathe?  Depends on task  Distance running: breath through running gait  NBA/UFC: wait for exhale to attack  Weightlifter: hold breathe at 70% tidal volume to make rigid o Spine will collapse if exhale o Sip air, time with bar bounce  Usain Bolt: doesn’t breathe during sprint o Sips air if necessary o Stiffens core to be more explosive o Breathing would cause core to soften and bend Name the movement patterns for training  Pull o Changing position activates different muscles  Push  Squat o Spread the floor to activate glutes  Torsional patterns o Train by stopping twist  Carrying o Hip abduction required to walk  When maxes out use linkage  Activates quadratus labarum Why are muscles designed with primary parallel vs. series sarcomere arrangements?  Muscle structure relates to function  Parallel adds more force but can only shorten a certain amount (pec)  Series: force will always be the same, length changes (hamstring) long but less force than parallel o More stretch with less force You have 5 individuals for which you will design an exercise program-what process will you follow?  Asses unfit and poor movers  Design exercise based on individual o Interview (goals, pain tolerance, lifestyle) o Movement assessment o Stability/mobility o Pain provocation o Personality/co morbidities  POOR movers: train movement first, not muscles o Bodyweight before external resistance o Corrective exercise before endurance  Force through linkage  Multiple planes/joints o Maximize efficiency/athleticism  Appropriate range of motion  Proprioceptive demanding  Mindful  Train through linkages  Balance physiological (endurance), biomechanical, neurological Contrast bodybuilding exercise with patterns of movement  Train through linkages  Bodybuilding is 100% size, definition, and evenness of muscles. It’s a showcase.  Movement/athletic raining is a completely different o Train through linkages o Build structural balance o Establish engrams Describe the quantum health expectancy theory  Everyone is born with a certain quality of life at birth (lack of war, genetics, parents)  Environmental assaults erode quantum  Healthy behaviours support quantum Draw the art and science of injury prevention in a graph, highlight the important features Describe the levels of prevention  Primary: protect healthy people from disease and first time injury o Nutrition, exercise o Education+ legislation: injury mechanism restriction, screening  Secondary: after illness/injury diagnosis o Rehabilitation What does every patient need/want to know?  Exam results (show + describe)  Natural history and prognosis  Cause of pain  What to avoid  Therapy plan Rehab of an arm with machine- what would you consider  Take into consideration fact that 50% of people drop out of rehab due to o Improper dose/intensity and pain o Must find optimum amount  Create proximal stiffness before distal movement o Machines do not supply linkages for stiffness o Cheat by not activating core  Arm stability and mobility is needed to be created in layers  Machines do not create engrams o Free, unconstrained movement is important  Machine doesn’t develop athleticism o Restricts movements What causes movement dysfunction?  Developmental dysfunction o Poor physical developme
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