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Midterm 1 summary

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University of Waterloo
KIN 104
Stuart Mc Gill

Roles of professional association and college o Professional association looks out for best interest of kinesiologists  Continuing education  Supports professional standards  Represents interests of kin  Malpractice insurance o College looks out for best interests of the clients.  Creates and enforces laws to protect patients (regulatory body)  Eg. Kinesiologist performs a controlled act and harms the xpatient  Guidelines kins must adhere too  Under provisions of RHPA  Government sanctioned self regulation Scope of practice o The practice of kinesiology is the assessment of human movement and performance and its rehabilitation and management to maintain, rehabilitate or enhance movement and performance.  Broad mandate so much needs to be interpreted in terms of risk and harm.  Regulated health profession act 2010  Kinesiologists cannot perform controlled acts.  Cannot diagnose a patient Kin is both a discipline and a profession. o Discipline then profession. o Discipline: study of kinesiology  Principles existed since ancient times.  Olympics o Profession is the discipline put into action  Two regulating bodies of the profession 1. Professional association 2. College of kinesiology What are the elements of jurisprudence? o Definition: college rules and other legislation that governs the practice of kin in Ontario 1. Confidentiality and privacy 2. Conflicts of interest 3. Consent (must be informed of nature, purpose, risk of intervention) 4. Continuing competency (continuous learning) 5. Practice management (evaluations) 6. Professional boundaries (treat patients with respect and without bias) 7. Registrants obligations (comply with legislation and standards of practice) 8. Scope of practice (cant perform controlled acts unless delegated) 9. Use of title (no specializations) 10.Use of support personal (must supervise) 11.Patient records (complete records must be maintained in pen for 10 years) What is a hypothesis? o A testable statement, “bet” that is true or false Name some study designs. o Crossover placebo o Randomized How does variability influence the ability to detect changes? o The more variability present makes a trend harder to discover o If difference in means is larger than the size of the standard deviation, then it will be significant.  96% lies within 2 standard deviations Discuss biological vs. statistical significance. o Statistical: results display a correlation with or against hypothesis however the information is irrelevant.  No effect on society  Easier to achieve than biological o Biological: information is valuable in the practice = Define job coaching o Teaching a person how to do a job at optimal level without harming body  Eg. Proper posture at desk What are three levels for MSD prevention control? 1. Hazard Identification 2. Risk assessment 3. Hazard control o Part of Ontario prevention guideline o Exposure to risk factors in workplace leafs to musculoskeletal disorders o Example: a. Hazard Id: Chair posture/ neck position. b. Stressing spine crushes capillary bed c. Raise or lower computer/ different chair i. Train person how to more effectively do job What is the rule of thumb for designing for a population? o Survey the population th o Design for the fifth to 95 percentile (90%)  Modify percentiles based on severity consequences  Eg. Escape hatch o Exceptional cases deserve reasonable guidelines How does an employer address essential/non- essential duties for disabled workers? o Employer must abide by human right code o Essential: fundamental duties that must be performed for the job o Employer much forgive a qualified individual with disability if non- essential cannot be performed  Ie. Walking/standing not a necessity for professors o Financial hardship clause: contracts must be honoured even if
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