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KIN 104
Stuart Mc Gill

Kinesiology Issues and Approaches Midterm 2 ReviewSummary for the Exam 1 How should you breathea Olympic weight lifter Sip the air very short shots of air once bar is cleaned lifted up to chin Before the movement you want to breathe through your diaphragm and not your abdominals Breathing through the diaphragm will help you keep your abdominals contracted while you stabilize your spine If you breathe out and spine is unstabilized bar will collapse on top of youb Sprinters fast runners barely breathe they take very shallow breathes and follow rhythmic breathing patterns 2 Name the movement patterns EXAMPLES a Pull i Training pull row patternsii Inverted push upsiii Lat pull downsiv Archers pull back the bowv Jockeys pull the rope while horseback ridingb Pushi Push upii Westside bench pressiii Cable vs Bench Press c Liftid Lungeie Squati Westside squatf Carryig Torsional Buttress i h Specific isolation patterns d i
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