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Midterm Two practice for MT2

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KIN 155
Fran Allard
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Kinesiology 255!!! ! !!!!!! " " Second Exam!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!November 7, 2007
Your name:
Your ID number:
Your lab section number (or day and time):
!!!!! The exam is out of 40 marks in all and is worth 20% of your course grade.
!!!!! The exam ends at 12:20
!!!!! There are 7 questions on the exam, with marks as indicated on each
!!!!! Please note that there are questions on both sides of each page – be sure to
turn each page over
Write your exam in ink
Question 1" " /10
Question 2" " /5
Question 3" " /5
Question 4" " /5
Question 5" " /5
Question 6" " /5
question 7" " /5

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1. For 10 marks (2 marks each),
a. A basketball player fakes a dribble to the left, then does a jump shot over
the immobile defensive player. Name and explain the concept being used
to the advantage of the offensive player.
b. Most people find it easy to read words with missing or distorted letters, for
example, “She coloured her hair purp󰜙e”. Name and explain what the
visual system is doing in this situation.
c. After about 2 minutes in a completely dark room, a small night light appears
to start moving. Name and explain what is causing the apparent movement
of the light.
d. The starter at a track meet consistently has an interval of 2 seconds
between the “set” command and the “go” signal. What would be the effect
of the constant interval? What research supports your answer?
e. a locomotor and a non-locomotor baby are lowered over the deep side of
the visual cliff. What were the experimenters measuring in this study? What
did they find?
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