KIN 155 Study Guide - Final Guide: Spatial Memory, Gamesmanship, Electronic Journal

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Your task is to pick one of the questions below, prepare an answer, and write out your answer at the nal exam on december 5 in one of the examination books provided. You may not bring any aids into the exam with you: it s just you and your ltm. Each of the questions requires you to provide an answer, to argue in support of a position, or to propose a solution to a problem. This means that presenting a lot of facts is not enough - you must make facts work to make a case or to support your ideas. You must use course information somewhere in your answer. Talking about the questions to others in the class (or anyone else, for that matter) is highly encouraged. For certain questions, consulting the web might be to your bene t. Be sure to check both academic (library, e-journals) and credible non-academic sites.

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