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Question from Final She gave these to us and said we're required to answer 3 of any of those questions of our choice

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KIN 155
Fran Allard

Kinesiology 255 Final Exam Prepared QuestionsFall 2008InstructionsYour task is to pick one of the questions below prepare an answer and write out your answer at the nal exam on December 5 in one of the examination books provided You may not bring any aids into the exam with you its just you and your LTMEach of the questions requires you to provide an answer to argue in support of a position or to propose a solution to a problem This means that presenting a lot of facts is not enoughyou must make facts work to make a case or to support your ideas You must use course information somewhere in your answerTalking about the questions to others in the class or anyone else for that matter is highly encouraged For certain questions consulting the web might be to your benet Be sure to check both academic library ejournals and credible nonacademic sites How long should your answer be Long enough to make your case with typical successful answers being from 4 exam book pages to an entire exam book in length This question is worth 10 of your course grade1One aspect to the job done by graduates of the Neurobehavioural
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