KIN 205L Muscle Physiology notes

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KIN 205
Joe Quadrilatero

Kin 205 review Lab 1How big is a single biopsy sample 300600 fibres 3What is the precipitate with the MATPase satin PO 4 What colour does it stain and why black because precip is inorganic phosphate What is the pH of the stain and which fibres turn colour 103 type I is light type 2 is dark 43 type I is dark and II is light Are slow twitch alkili labile or stable labileWhat are the 2 components of the Uni stain what is the pH M ATPase and Azure A 46What colours do the different muscle fibers turn with the uni stain I is dark IIa is light and IIx is medium What colour would a type II c fibre stain all dark What does the Tetrazolium Reductase test stain for NADH oxidative proerties What colour is the trazolium Reductase test blue the more oxidative the tissue is the bluer it will beWhat stains do you need to classify fibers into SO FG FOG M ATPase and TRWhy isnt the metabolic properties used to classify tissues cells have varying intensity of the same colour when stained therefore hard to tell the difference between them What stain is used to look at glycogen concentration in the muscle PAS What is the point of looking at glycogen concent
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