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KIN 217
James Rush

Lecture 11 Citric Acid CycleKey role in oxidation of fuelsConvert to acetylCoA for cycle entryCycle harvests high energy electronsCaptured as 1 FADH and 3 NADH per cycle 2Used to make 9 ATP in oxidative phosphorylation1 ATP also generated in citric acid cycle2 parts to the processOxidize carbon atoms to CO Involves joining 2C acetyl co a to 4C oxaloacetate 2to make 6C citric acid Followed by oxidative decarboxylation Back to 4C compound 2 CO 2 NADH produced co2 is coming fromkrebs cycle2Regenerate oxaloactetaterearrange to oxoacaletate left with 4 carbons after the oxidizing of carbon dioxide so you must rearrange the 4 carbon compound to oxoacaletate Harvest more energy has ATP and NADH and FADH By re arranging 2youre able to get the energy of NADH from NAD and FADH2 from FAD and an ATP Stage 1 Citrate Synthaseeffective synthesis Pretty much the binding of Acetyl CoA with Oxoacaletate and how it undergoes a thioester hydrolysis It does NOT use ATP The binding of the 2 products makes Citryl CoA induced fit happens since acetyl CoA is unactive until oxocaletate binds to it After the link is formed and Citro is made the acetyl Co a peaces out and leaves Soooo thats why you get CitrateOpen coA site allows right enzyme to bind which makes the site LESS WASTEFUL1Citrate synthase is made from 2 carbon and 6 carbon with thioester hydrolysis lose Acetyl coA to form the Citrate 2Isocitrate Dehydrogenase NadNADH co2 to make alpha ketogluterate knocks down to 5C for alpha3Alpha Ketogluterase dehydrogenase NADCoA NADHCO2 to make Succinyl CoA knocks down to 4 C for Succinyl CoA4Succinyl CoA synthase ADP ATP CoA to make Succinate Transfer high energy makes ATP5Succinate DehydrogenaseFAD FADH2 6Fumarase makes water7Maltate Dehydrogenase NAD NADHHdoesnt happen on own happens bc of a system8Then all back to oxoaceletate Synthasegets coADehydrogenasegets Nadh and in one case fadh2 Oxygen critical to recycle for oxidized formsRegulation of citric acid Cycle
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