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Legal Studies 101 This note has the entire lecture notes and the entire textbook summarized. With this, there is no need to even attend class as you can just study off this. Guaranteed to succeed in class and obtain the marks you've always wanted with thi

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Legal Studies
LS 101
Frances Chapman

legal studies 101defamation refers to the publication of a false statement about another person that defames or deduces esteem or respect in the eyes of otherscan be intentional or unintentionalsuggests that person has something does something illegal dishonest shameful discreditingThemes 1The law is full of uncertainty2The law is full of rapid change3No one can say for sure what the law is until the courts decide4Hard cases make bad lawWhat is the lawThemes Imposed by external bodyControl conflictTolerate and respect othersSanctionsState step inPermeates all social interactionTalula does the hula from Hawaii keenan got lucy and sex fruitTraditional and complex societiesTraditionalHomogeneousNorms folkways customs and traditionsSocialized religion magic NormGift givingLawTheftComplexLarger heterogeneous informal not workNeed explicit rulesCommerceLawsEstablished by political bodyEnforced punishmentEnforced by authorizedLegitimacy PublicHabit of obedience
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