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LS102 Midterm Review 1

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Legal Studies
LS 202
Adam Stewart

LS 102Lecture 1 Supernatural Theories of Crime and CriminalityRV DrummondPellet gun into vagina2 days later her baby was born didnt tell doctorsBrain scan reveal mental pellet in baby take out to safe lifeNo history good motherCrown argued Section 223 of the Criminal Codewhat is a human beingJudge says homicide child after birth dies injuries before birthMotherno status inside the womb did not die from injuries s 2232 does not applyWhat is LawSystemDocumentsLegislation Federal and Provincial including proclamations regulations or orders the Constitution judicial decisions and legal principles that form the law Type of lawStructure Imposed by an external Has to be enforcedCivil Law v Criminal LawPrivate lawcivil lawPublic lawcriminal lawCommon lawCommon law can mean the system of law based on judicial decisionsAll of Canada other than Quebec uses a common law system in addition to countries like the United States except Louisiana England New Zealand and AustraliaIntro to Criminal LawOne act can be sued in civil and be convicted in criminal better for criminal case firstCriminal law is the most intrusive form of public law and theorists have attempted to understand the criminal law for centuriesWinston Churchill said in 1910 that the mood and temper of the public with regard to the treatment of crime and criminals is one of the most unfailing tests of the civilization of any country Vagabondunemployed Supernatural Theories of CrimePrior to the 18th century 1700s supernatural causesfloods drought crop failure child birth defects sick animals Two solutions 1 exorcism or 2 or punishment and death used to destroy the devilWitches
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