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Final Exam Review great for final exam prep! covers all major concepts!

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MATH 135
Wentang Kuo

MATH 135Exam Review Chapter 1 Propositional LogicConjunctions P AND Q denotes that both P and Q are true Disjunctions P OR Q denotes that either P is true or Q is true or both are true Negation NOT P denotes the converse of P Conditional Statements PQ denotes that P implies Q if P then Q Equivalent BiConditional Statement PQ P is equivalent to Q P if and only ifQ P Q AND QP Sets Union SUT denotes all elements that are in either S or T or both Intersection ST denotes all elements are in both S and T Cartesian Product SXT denotes the ordered pairs xy such that xeS and yeT Quantifiers Universal x px denotes that for all x px is trueExistential x px denotes that there exists an x px is true Chapter 4 Mathematical Induction let Pn be the statement that depends on neP if P1 is truePk is truePk1 is true then Pn is true for all neP Strong Inductionlet Pn be the statement involving neP if P1 is true P1 P2 Px are truePk1 is true then Pn is true for all neP Binom
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